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• Noble and elegant professional design, portable, durable and comfortable;
• Precise cavity closed structure design with high-quality sound;
• High quality aluminum ear-shell cover, beautiful and has a better sound isolation effect;
• Stretched arm is made of special stainless steel material with scale for easy consistency ;
• Manganese steel framework, well-adjusted flexibility, suitable pressure;
• High-quality leather earcups with a soft memory foam for easy and comfortable wearing;
• 50mm neodymium magnetic structure drive unit for a wider dynamic range;
• Special diaphragm for permeable sound and low distortion;
• Utilize efficient NdFeB magnet system, perfect instant dynamic response;
• 180° rotatable frame , easy for single ear monitoring;
• Single-sided pulggable cable, easy to use and low noise;
• Screw-on jack connection design is durable and can avoid poor contact phenomenon effectively;
• Suitable for appreciating music, webcasting, watching movies, playing games, instrument recording and other monitoring occasions.
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Headphone Type: Closed

Drive unit:φ50mm

Impedance: 32 Euros

Sensitivity: 100±3dB

Frequency response: 8Hz-32KHz

Rated power: 400mW

Maximum power: 1500mW

Signal line length: about 3 meters

Connection plug:φ3.5mm+φ6.3mm

Weight: 295g (with signal line)

DSH-4200 Headphones: One

6.3mm conversion plug: One

Product description: One

Color Box and Inner Rack: One


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